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Argentina Postal codes, argentina Postal codes - Correo Argentino, angola: No postal code used. In all except the six largest towns, there is only one postal code per settlement. Thailand - Thailand - (in Thai and English) - search engine. 47040 Punjab Cities at the district level and above: Beijing Tianjin Shenyang, Liaoning Changchun, Jilin Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Shanghai Nanjing, Jiangsu Wuhan, Hubei Guangzhou, Guangdong Chongqing Chengdu, Sichuan Xi'an, Shaanxi TOP Extra Large-sized Cities (With a

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population between 1,000,000-2,000,000 persons) Cities at the district level and. The digit identifies the post office. Singapore: 999999* Each building has its own unique postcode. Post office of Armenia (in Armenian). Taiwan: 99999 The first three digits of the postal code are required; the last two digits are optional. Marys avenue 6(C3).

Charles, Ontario 2872:. Post office of Lesotho (in English) Post office of Liechtenstein (in German) - Liechtensteinische Post AG Post office of Luxembourg - (in French) - Postal division M Post office of Macedonia (in English and Macedonian) - Makedonska Posta. Turks and Caicos Islands: tkca 1ZZ Single code used for all addresses. See Armenian postal codes. United States Zip4 codes - Search - from the usps United States Address - search - ZipAddress to lookup Zip4 codes United States Zip codes - Search and full address validation - University of Buffalo/Cedar site United States Zip codes for US Vessels - Postal.

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Guinea Bissau: 9999 Guyana: No postal code used. The first two numbers identify the eden club rencontre toulouse penticton department, the third number the route and the last two the office. Ireland Belgrade, Yugoslavia Berlin, Germany Berne, Switzerland Bonn, Germany Bratislava, Slovak Republic Brussels, Belgium Bucharest, Romania Budapest, Hungary Copenhagen, Denmark Dublin, Ireland Edinburgh, Scotland Helsinki, Finland Las Palmas, Spain Lisbon, Portugal London, UK Luxembourg, Luxembourg Madrid, Spain Oslo, Norway Paris, France Plesetsk, Russia Prague, Czech. Post office of Isle of Man (in English) J Post office of Jamaica (in English) Post office of Japan - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (in Japanese) Post office of Japan - Post Office (in English). Vietnam : 999999 previously 99999 * Wallis and Futuna: Overseas Territory of France. Australian Post codes - Search Austrian Postal codes - from Uniserv Bangladeshi Post codes - Cities of Dhaka and Cittagong by Manzoor ul Hassan Belgian Postal codes - from Uniserv Bermuda Post codes Brazilian Post codes - Search - (in Portuguese) under Consulta CEP Brunei. Magalona (Saravia Enrique Villanueva, Entablado, Erenas, Ermita, Escalante, Escribano, re f Fabrica, Faire (Santo Nino Famy, Fatima, Feliciano, Ferrol, Flora, Florida, Floridablanca, Fort Magsaysay, Fortuna, Fuerte, Fulgencio, Funda-Dalipe, Furao g Ga-as, Gabaldon, Gabao, Gabas, Gabawan, Gabi, Gabon, Gabuyan, Gadu, Gadung, Gainza, Gais-Guipe, Galamay-Amo, Galimuyod, Galit. Also standardizes address output in usps preferred format (i.e.

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Site de rencontre avec tchat 100 gratuit française Following is the GPOs post codes list. Martinique: Overseas Department of France. Yemen: No postal code used.
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